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Build Restriction Mod Pack
Filename: build_restriction_mod_pack.zip

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Average User Rating: 7.8
Number of Votes: 11
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Build Restriction Mod Pack - File Description  

The Build Restriction Mod Pack (BRMP) is a collection of mods for the
game 'Supreme Commnander',
that change what in-game units you will have access to. A list of the mods:

- BRMP Tech 1 Limit
- BRMP Tech 1 Limit plus Air Repair
- BRMP Tech 2 Limit
- BRMP Tech 3 Limit

- BRMP No Air
- BRMP No Naval
- BRMP No Land

- BRMP No Long Range Artillery
- BRMP No Nukes

- BRMP No Scout and Radar

- BRMP No Unit Enhancements


To Install:
- Copy all BRMP*.scd files into your 'gamedata' folder

To Uninstall:
- Remove all BRMP*.scd files from your 'gamedata' folder

The 'gamedata' folder resides in the map where you installed Supreme
Commander into.
Normally, this is: 'C:Program FilesTHQGas Powered GamesSupreme Commander'.

Build Restriction Mod Pack - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Build Restriction Mod Pack!

Build Restriction Mod Pack - Readme  
Readme File:
Supreme Commander
Build Restriction Mod Pack

Game : Supreme Commander
Mod : Build Restriction Mod Pack
Release Date : 02-06-2007
Author : Magic Power
E-mail : magicpower.nl AT gmail.com
Summary : A collection of mods that restrict the building of units
Mod version : 1.00
Patch needed : Supreme Commander v1.1.3251


The Build Restriction Mod Pack (BRMP) is a collection of mods for the game 'Supreme Commnander',
that change what in-game units you will have access to. A simple example would be a mod
that disables all nukes, which prevents the building of units that can nuke.

These mods have some intelligence in them, meaning they should also work with currently unknown
units, and even remove redundant units. For a more detailed explanation, read below.

The following mods are contained in this Mod Pack:

BRMP Tech 1 Limit
BRMP Tech 1 Limit plus Air Repair
BRMP Tech 2 Limit
BRMP Tech 3 Limit

BRMP No Naval
BRMP No Land

BRMP No Long Range Artillery
BRMP No Nukes

BRMP No Scout and Radar

BRMP No Unit Enhancements

Here's a more detailed explanation:

BRMP Tech 1 Limit
BRMP Tech 1 Limit plus Air Repair
BRMP Tech 2 Limit
BRMP Tech 3 Limit

These Tech Limit mods limit the maximum Tech level that can be reached. Tech 1 Limit only
allows up to Tech 1, Tech 2 Limit only up to Tech 2 etc. (Note that the Tech 3 Limit mod
can also be called a 'No Experimentals' mod). There is one special version, namely
'Tech 1 Limit plus Air Repair'. This one is exactly like the Tech 1 Limit, except that
air repair/refuel platforms can also be made.

Note that these Tech Limiter mods are mutually exclusive: They cannot be combined.
Supreme Commander will notify you if you try to use more than one of them.

Detailed Information:
Note that units that can upgrade, cannot upgrade to a Tech level that has been blocked.
All visual information about upgrading past the Tech Limit imposed should also be removed.

The air repair platforms in the special version 'Tech 1 Limit plus Air Repair'
can be made with Tech 1 Engineers. (they are actually moved to Tech 1 in-game).

BRMP No Naval
BRMP No Land

Disables the creation of Air, Naval or Land units. Play with the unit types you want, and
disable those you do not want. You can even combine them. E.g. if you combine the 'No Air'
and 'No Naval' mods, you can make a 'Land units only' game.

Detailed Information:
Also removes Anti-air guns and Sonar beacons and such, since they have become obsolete.
(You don't need an anti-air gun when there are no air units).

The 'No Land' mod is special, in that it also disabled most buildings. The only things
you can build on land here, are Air Factories and Air Repair Platforms, and
the Mass and Energy buildings. You'll have to use air units and ships to defense your
land-based structures.

BRMP No Long Range Artillery
BRMP No Nukes

Don't like uberweapons that can hit you wherever you are? Then disable them!
These mods remove all long range artillery and nuke weapons from the game.

Detailed Information:
The 'No Nukes' mod also disables anti-nuke installations. It even disables
the special upgrade an UEF Commander has to a Nuke weapon. Did you know that Nukes
have a maximum distance they can fly? It's just ridiculously large. :)

The 'No Long Range Artillery' mod works by disabling any weapon that can fire above
a certain distance (200 O-units), so it might disable other weapons too.
Note that anti-missile installations are NOT disabled, as I'm not entirely sure
if they are purely for artillery or also for more normal gunfire.

BRMP No Scout and Radar

This mod disables those units used to scout the land and/or search the enemy.
This is especially usefull when playing without a Fog of War, since in this case
there simply is no need for units that let you view what's up ahead.

Detailed Information:
Note that units with guns will NOT be removed, only those with nothing more
then radar equipment.

BRMP No Unit Enhancements

Removes the ability for units to enhance themselves.

Detailed Information:
This is NOT the disabling of upgrades (Tech 1 Mass Extractor to Tech 2 Mass Extractor),
it is primarely the disabling of extra optional enhancements a unit can have.
For now, it seems only the Commander and Subcommander can get enhancements, so this
mod will, for now, disable any enhancements for the Commanders and Subcommanders.


To Install:
- Copy all BRMP*.scd files into your 'gamedata' folder

To Uninstall:
- Remove all BRMP*.scd files from your 'gamedata' folder

The 'gamedata' folder resides in the map where you installed Supreme Commander into.
Normally, this is: 'C:\Program Files\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander'.
If it's installed elsewhere, you probably know where you've put it.

Also, remember that each of these mods can be installed separately. You do not need to
install them all. If you only like one, then only install that one.

Further Info

The mods have been created to work with the patch v1.1.3251 (latest as of 01-06-2007), and
tested with that patch. Previous versions of the game have not been tested with these mods, so
there's no guarantee that it could work in previous versions.

The mods have been created with dynamic behaviour in mind, which means it dynamically check which
units it needs to disable. E.g. if a mod disables nukes, and you add a new unit with nukes or modify
an existing unit so it can fire nukes, the anti-nuke mod should also disable that new unit.

Also, these mods should not only remove the desired units, but also those units that have become
obsolete because of the mod. E.g. if you remove Air units from the game, an unit like the
Mobile Anti-Air Gun will also be removed, since his anti-air is no longer needed if there are
no air units. Please note that it does NOT mean it removes any unit with anti-air, only those
who ONLY have anti-air weapons.

And lastly, you should be able to combine these mods. E.g. combining the 'No Naval' and 'No Nukes'
would result in both Naval and nuke units to be removed from the game. The only mods you can't combine
are the Tech Limit mods, since they can't be combined. (plus it would be pointless to combine them).

Closing words

I have gone through great lengths to ensure that each mod does exactly what it says it should do,
so I hope that I haven't forgotten anything. If there is anything I forgot, or something you want to
say or ask, please feel free to email me at my e-mail address above. (I don't read emails daily, so
replies might take some time).

I'd like to thank Chris Taylor for continuing the Total Annihilation saga with Supreme Commander,
as well as the Gas Powered Games company for delivering this game.

Thanks to the GPGNet Forums for providing the details for how to Mod. Especially these helpfull subjects:
Patch Details http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=7819
Usefull Information http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=2318
What do I need to create a Mod? http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=1754

Thanks for the Online version of Programming in LUA:

Thanks for the Supreme Commander Wiki, and especially the Blueprint resource:

The Online GUID generator:

And thanks to the creator of 'No Technology', Neruz, for starting my ideas of mods to make.


Well, that's it. Can't think of anything more to put here.

Have fun,
Magic Power

Build Restriction Mod Pack - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. SupComFiles is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 4 | Last comment: 06-22-2007 at 14:12

 #1 - 06-18-2007 at 12:01
From: (glasgow)
Joined: March 11th, 2005
Posts: 176
Looks really good, a few different restrictions could maps play dramatically different! Nice work

 #2 - 06-20-2007 at 00:45
Digz (Staff)
From: (London)
Joined: March 26th, 2006
Posts: 1090
Yeah Magic's work has been submitted finally, thanks the email Magic!

 #3 - 06-20-2007 at 01:50
Joined: June 5th, 2005
Posts: 163
Thanks back Digz..

BTW: it's Magic Power. The 2nd time my name gets mangled or shown incomplete on Supreme Commander FileFront frown . Ah well..

These mods have been tested against the AI. Please note that the AI (currently) doesn't fully like the following mods:

BRMP No Scout and Radar
- It seems the AI doesn't Tech up when this mod is applied.

BRMP No Land
- Totally doesn't like it. It expects a Land Factory, and waits for one to become available smile

BRMP Tech 1 Limit plus Air Repair
- Works, but the AI doesn't use that (extra) Air Repair.

Have Fun,
Magic Power

 #4 - 06-22-2007 at 14:12
Joined: June 5th, 2005
Posts: 163
Did some more debugging.... It seems that the computer uses units in progressing order, and expects them to be there.

In other words, it first uses simple units, then upgrades to tech 2, then tech 3, then nukes, then experimentals, etc, in that general order. And when it find a missing unit, it kinda freaks out. I noticed that when the No Nukes / No Long Range Artillery is applied, it techs up to tech 3, but can't find the long range arty and nukes, and henceforth doesn't use the experimentals 'up ahead' in his todo plan.

Worse, since there is now a gap in his behavioural pattern, it sorta tries to fill that gap with lesser units/structures, until he has filled up to his unit cap, at which point he doesn't do anything anymore, since he can't make new units.

I do have to point out that I tried this with Sorian's AI, and not the standard AI. I'll see if I'll test with normal AI, and I'll try to contact Sorian about this..

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